DNS hosting (3 DNS)

DNS hosting  (3 DNS)


Price: €5.00 / piece
Stock: Available


DNS of Name.Fhg.ro

  • DNS of Name.fhg.ro
  • Hosted DNS Count: 3
  • Require static IP: YES
  • Requires DOMAIN: NO
  • Domain base: .fhg.ro
  • Control Panel: No
  • Automatic activation: NO
  • Service activation time: up to 24 hours
  • Propagation period (recognition DNS) is propagation ns sites: 1 minute - 72 hours after activation
  • DNS hosting period, at least one month, depending on time ordered and includes propagation period

Activation Instructions:

When you give the command to switch to the desired comment and DNS IPs that you have that you want to associate:

  • DNS1 - name1.fhg.ro la IP1
  • DNS2 - name2.fhg.ro la IP2
  • DNS3 - name3.fhg.ro la IP3

*The desired DNS is not available, in which case it provides an alternative

After making the payment if you send speeding ticket activation site at Contact



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