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[GameModeSan Fierro Cops And Robbers (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
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[GameModeSublime Game [] (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
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[Map] Club Chiliad 0.3e


[FilterScript] [FS] Gang System


[FilterScript] Animation System V1.0


[FilterScript] Radio System V1.0


[GameMode] MySQL R33 - Ideal pentru RPG ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[FilterScript] Radio System [v1.0] [13/11/2012] [Nu e nevoie de vre-un plugin!] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[FilterScript] Bank System


[FilterScript] The LCS ( 1 2 3)


[Map] Banca si Parcarea


[FilterScript] Arunca armele pe jos


[Tutorial] rezolvarea eroare pawno failed to set data for si File or function is not found ( 1 2)


[Tutorial] Folder Conturii Jucatorii


[Map] Prima mea Harta (/plaja)


[FilterScript] DXTC


[Map] A doua mapa a mea .. Insula ( 1 2)


[FilterScript] [FilterScript] DMV (License System) V1.0 ( 1 2 3)


[GameMode] *GameSpeed*RoLePlay*[0.3d] ( 1 2)


[Tutorial] [Vehicule Private]


[Map] [Club Bridge] ( 1 2)


[Tutorial] Cum sa realizezi un server de succes.



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Rating Thread / Thread Starter

[GameMode] War Life TDM , Gamemode Release.


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[GameMode] DMP [Deathmatch Practice] ( 1 2)


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[GameMode] Zombie Hell [ZOMBIE AI/PVP/LEVEL/RANK/FACTIONS] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[GameMode] NR:Gaming™[V.4][Updated] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

God'Z War

[GameMode] San Fierro Cops-Robbers-RPG v1.0 ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[GameMode] [TDM]LAtin Gang War 2.01a Server [ZCMD][Y_ini][Advanced system] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[GameMode] Free-Man[Comprehensive entertainment Gamemode][0.3Z] ( 1 2)


[GameMode] [GM]Otaku Stunt 0.1 ( 1 2 3)


[GameMode] [GM] Raven's Roleplay [2.5b] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[GameMode] eB Gaming ~ Gangwars (MySQL, Map Changing) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[GameMode] Maddog TDM [zcmd, sscanf, y_ini] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


[GameMode] CTDM - Chaos Team Deathmatch ( 1 2 3)


Useful GameModes

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SA-MP Gamemodes    
SA-MP 0.3e RC Script - Test all new 0.3e features! Gamemode Drebin
SA-MP 0.3x RC Script - Test all new 0.3x features! Gamemode Drebin
Neterminată / în dezvoltare    
Intelexe's RolePlay[Still Under Developing] Gamemode SkizzoTrick
Zombie-Mod 2 + Ranks [ unfinshed ] Gamemode Kitten
Derby v0.1 | v0.2 Coming! Gamemode Fared
BaseJumps Gamemode Fared
Raven's Roleplay [Still Under Developing] Gamemode GTA-Roleplay
PRtotype Roleplay Gamemode Hellman92
MasterJoker's GM v1.0 Gamemode MasterJoker
The Renaissance 2 Project Gamemode vassilis
Las Venturas Unique GangWar [In Progress] Gamemode [EuG]ZeRoGoD
San Andreas Truck Simulator Gamemode TzAkS.
Awesome Stunt Paradise (Unfinished Development) Gamemode Romel
Raven's Roleplay 0.3x Gamemode N0FeaR
CRITICAL STUNT Gamemode DarkyTheAngel
Ultimate Trucking 2.0 Gamemode FireCat & [MWR]Blood
PPC Trucking Gamemode PowerPC603
xHardTruckers Gamemode XtremeR
Los Santos Life Roleplay Gamemode Lynn
Raven's Roleplay 3.0c Gamemode CuervO
Fallout³ based RP Gamemode Krx17
CountrySide Roleplay Gamemode Sensitive
South-West Roleplay - 100% Realistic | Not a edit. Gamemode Eazy_Efolife
==[ ► [GM] New Generation Role Play ◄ ]== Gamemode Homerman
Lv RealLife 3.3.8 Gamemode [FBI]AG3NT
WestCoast RolePlay Gamemode by Kanji_Suzuki
Invader Roleplay - True Crime Edit. Gamemode [GTA]
New [GM] Sharp Mafia Modified Godfather RP Gamemode kallesmamma
Real Life Roleplay Gamemode Craze
QBase RolePlay Based On ModernTopia Script Gamemode FrankQ
San Fierro Role-Play (SF-RP) Gamemode nate660
Vortex Roleplay 2 [MySQL, sscanf, zcmd, streamer, IRC, whirlpool] Gamemode Calg00ne
Mega RolePlay [San Fierro] Gamemode Ivan_Pantovic
CityWide Roleplay: fully MySQL based roleplay server Gamemode Alex_Raven
Intelexe's RolePlay[ FULL VERSION ] Gamemode SkizzoTrick
Norton's Roleplay Base Script Gamemode iNorton
Riverwood Roleplay Gamemode Sasoft
Stance Nation - 0.3 Gamemode Krx17
Affliction Roleplay Gamemode Boooth
Mixed Roleplay Gamemode N0FeaR
Reality Prison Roleplay Gamemode N0FeaR
zGaming Roleplay Gamemode iRage
Basic Roleplay Script :: Scratch Gamemode Aprezt
Las Venturas Roleplay Gamemode ViruZz
Raven's Roleplay [0.3e] Edit Gamemode Joshman543
Roleplay Server Gamemode Chriham3
United Gaming RP Gamemode -CaRRoT
Prison Roleplay [EDIT] Gamemode Naruto_Emilio
"Let's Get Started"    
Roleplay Script - Get Started [sscanf, zcmd, dini, dudb, foreach] Gamemode Jafet_Macario
Blank Gamemode | Dynamic | Uses djson Gamemode [L3th4l]
[CLEAN] Blank MySQL gamemode [SAVES 22 VARIABLES!] Gamemode Markx
Blank Y_INI gamemode Gamemode Kingunit
Clean, Simple MySQL GM Gamemode [L3th4l]
Basic Deathmatch script Gamemode PjFord
Formatted Gamemode Gamemode Spooky
Virtual Reality Roleplay[Basic Roleplay] [@Beginners] Gamemode PjFord
basic-mysql-samp-script [plus, UCP] Gamemode Calgon
MySQL Base Gamemode FireCat
Lets get started base TDM from scratch Gamemode Johnson_Brooks
[Scratch] Red County Roleplay - Good for beginners. Gamemode MrRollexo
Basic Gamemodes ( to base ). Gamemode WCrimson
Base Roleplay Script Gamemode JustinAn
Basic SQLite Gamemode ViruZz
TwD Freeroam [Basic Starter] Gamemode Goldilox
MySQL R33 - Ideal for RPG (to begin gamemode) Gamemode WopsS
Cops and Robbers    
San Fierro Cops-Robbers-RPG Gamemode Stevo127
lvrcr 1.8 Gamemode Byrner
CazeJe'S Cops & Robbersv0.2 [0.3e] Gamemode RanSEE
Most Wanted Cops and Robbers v1.1 [UPDATED] Gamemode James_Nick
SATDM~RP Gamemode $$$PiMp
[2.1] RPG Mode! - by TommyLR Gamemode Tommy_Vercetty
Deadly Combinations A/D Gamemode Proteus
Gun Game Gamemode Hiddos
Call Of Duty The Real Gamemode Naruto_Emilio
[GM]DeathMatch - Beta Gamemode DaBeezy
[Engine] ie4mp | Version 1.6 | 6.2.2012 Gamemode [UPDATE] InferNus`
Call of Duty: Gun Game Gamemode fiki574_CRO
World of War (WoW) Gamemode Typhome
Las Venturas TDM Gamemode [Nikk]
Los Santos Deathmatch Gamemode Derek_Westbrook
Grand Theft Auto 5 Ex-Battlefield Gamemode $$inSane
Deathmatch World Gamemode Strech
Los Santos Team Death Match/Gang Wars (0.3D) Gamemode Littlehelper[MDZ]
Modern War Battalation V2.1 Gamemode Nirzor
Extreme TDM [MySQL] Gamemode FireCat
Capture The Vehicle (0.3e) Gamemode Romel
Assassin's Escape Gamemode Joe Staff
Street Wars Gamemode mobiliz
CounterForce Gamemode mobiliz
LA Gang Wars Gamemode sgtjones12
Deathmatch Practice Gamemode RedFusion
Christmas Wars Gamemode Kitten
Modern Warfare Gamemode DJTunes
Instant Warfare Gamemode DJTunes
Basic TDM Gamemode DJTunes
HKTeamDeathMatch Gamemode [HK]Ryder[AN]
P-Gang Wars Gamemode Dark Killer
Unlimited Gaming DM Gamemode feartonyb
Shipfight Gamemode JimmyCh
One in the chamber Gamemode xser
XtreamGaming Gamemode Sahil
Real-Life Stunting v6.3 Gamemode cmg4life
Adrenaline (Racing) Gamemode switch
Small Drift Mod v2 Gamemode The_Pain
[0.3d] NYD_Drifting Version 4 by [TDC]Niels UPDATE:[0.3d] Gamemode [UPDATE] niels44
[GM]Stunt|DM|Derby|Drift|Parkour|BaseJumps Gamemode DaBeezy
$$Killer$$ GameMode Gamemode $$Killer$$
Adrenaline Galaxy StuntWorld Gamemode vassilis
MidnightDrifterZ The Ultimate Battle! Gamemode Littlehelper[MDZ]
Toretto Racing 0.3d!! DM/freeroam/race/drift/stunt Gamemode niels44[MDZ]
Ultra Fun Freeroam (freeroam/stunt/dm/mission/race) Gamemode pasha97
[0.3e]The Ultimate Stunt V3 Gamemode Jarnu
Carbon Stunting Gamemode Avi57
[GM]Need For Speed(NFS) Drift V3 Build 25 Gamemode Aloushi
The FreeRoam²º¹²™ Gamemode God'Z War
Romania New Generation Gamemode SounDD
Public Enemy Gamemode Zephyr
Public Enemy Gamemode [TDM]Relax
Mini Missions Gamemode ajam123
Stunt Universe Gamemode ғαιιοцт
Urban MiniGames Gamemode rangerxxll
Zombies vs Humans    
Halloween Zombie-Mod Gamemdes Kitten
ZombieMod Biohazzard Gamemode Kitten
Zombie-Mod V1.0 Gamemode Kitten
Zombie-Mod V2.0 Gamemode Kitten
Zombie Mod 3.0 Gamemode Kitten
Zombie Mod 7.0 Gamemode Kitten
Zombie Down 2 [MySQL] Gamemode sanrock
Zombie Infest Gamemode mobiliz
Zombie Infest 2 Gamemode mobiliz
Zombie-Mod 8.0 Gamemode Kitten
Altele (unknown mode ?)    
All-Admin Gamemode Gamemode Max_Coldheart
True Crime: Streets of LS Gamemode P1nd3r
San Andreas (LS+LV+SF) Gamemode axelpx
Counter Strike Gamemode WoodPecker
SA-MP Ingame Editor Gamemode NaS
All Points Bulletin Gamemode fiki574_CRO
Bus Driver Real Life (Base GM) Gamemode [Nikk]
Slope Gamemode SuperViper




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  • KrIsT 23.02.2016, 14:46
    Sistem care include toate testele pentru licentiere [Drivers | Pilots | Boat]

    1. Drivers License: Contine un sistem cu prezentaera regulilor, dupa care ti se vor adresa 5 intrebari. La sfarsitul intrebarilor va fi traseul. In timpul traseului se va schimba vremea (Ceata, ploaie, soare, etc).

    2. Flying License - Contine doar traseul

    3. Boat License - Contine doar traseul.

    Nu aveti voie sa iesiti din masina / avion / barca deoarece veti pirde testul daca nu veti reintra timp de 10 secunde in masina. Pentru a ajunge la licente aveti comenzile: /gotodmv | /gotodmp | /gotodmb.
    Mai multe detalii gasiti cand il testati.

    Autor: BoNNeD

    PWN ->
    AMX ->

    Sursa net :[Drivers+|+Pilots+|+Boat]
  • KrIsT 23.02.2016, 14:40
    [Filterscript]JOB Apicultor + Minibar (Christmas gift)

    Descriere : Un simplu job de apicultor. Trebuie sa iei mierea din stup si sa o depozitezi in hambar.Pentru aceasta actiune primesti o suma de 500$ ( o puteti schimba desigur ) Langa acest job am adaugat si un minibar specific.
    Nu am integrat o comanda de /takejob.Cam toata lumea integreaza fs-ul in propriul gm.. si nu are rost:)
    Vom revenii si cu o versiune 2.0
    LOCATIE: Langa vama LS-SF

    Cerinte :
    - Pentru a edita fs-ul aveti nevoie de urmatoarele inc.uri :
    Code: [Select]

    Code: [Select]
    Click stanga - pentru a lua mierea din stup
    /depozit - pentru depozitare
    /lapte si /carnaciori - Pentru a comanda la minibar.

    Credite: TaifunX2,Ionutzz,BoNNeD

    Link Download:

    Sursa: net[Filterscript]JOB+Apicultor+++Minibar+(Christmas+gift)
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 23:19
    [Filterscript]Sistem depozit la HQ/casa

    Sistemul consta in crearea propriului depozit la: -casa;

    Eu am folosit DINI + ZCMD(m-am invatat cu ele),sigur o sa ma criticati(poate unii)ca de ce nu ai folosit YNI,insfarsit.

    Pasul 1 ==> reprezinta crearea unei enumeratoare care vor fi de folos salvarii intrucat incarcarii + variabilelor.

    enum PlayerData
    new playerD[MAX_PLAYERS][PlayerData];

    Pasul 2 ==> reprezinta incarcarea si salvarea fisierului unde va fi destinat depozitul unui jucator.

    Inseram un stock.

    stock loadPlayer(playerid)
    new files[128];
    playerD[playerid][pDeposit] = dini_Int(files,"Deposit");
    return 1;

    stock savePlayer(playerid)
    new filess[128];
    dini_IntSet(filess, "Deposit", playerD[playerid][pDeposit]);
    return 1;

    Gata si cu stockurile.

    Pasul 3 ==> reprezinta implementarea stockurilor in 2 publicuri.

    public OnGameModeInit()
    for(new i=0;i reprezinta crearea folderului la conectarea jucatorului pe server.

    public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    new file[128];
    return 1;

    Pasul 5 ==> reprezinta stockul de "getPlayerName" pe care la-ti vazut voi pana la acest pas.

    stock getPlayerName(playerid)
    new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];
    return name;

    Pasul 6 ==> reprezinta o comanda la care veti afla cati bani aveti in depozit.

    CMD:deposit(playerid, params[])
    new string[128];
    format(string,128,"Salut,in depozit ai %d$.",playerD[playerid][pDeposit]);
    return 1;

    Pasul 7 ==> reprezinta o alta comanda la care veti putea scoate bani din depozit.

    CMD:withdraw(playerid, params[])
    new cash;
    if(sscanf(params,"i",cash)) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"Foloseste: /withdraw .");
    if(playerD[playerid][pDeposit] >= cash)
    new string[128];
    format(string,128,"Felicitari,ai scos %d$ din depozit.",cash);
    playerD[playerid][pDeposit] -= cash;
    new string[128];
    format(string,128,"Insuficienti bani in depozit.Depozit curent %i$",playerD[playerid][pDeposit]);

    return 1;

    Pasul 8 ==> reprezinta ultima comanda,adica cea de baga bani in depozit.

    CMD:addcash(playerid, params[])
    new cash;
    if(sscanf(params,"i",cash)) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"Foloseste: /addcash .");
    if(GetPlayerMoney(playerid) >= cash)
    new string[128];
    format(string,128,"Felicitari,ai bagat %i$ in depozit.",cash);
    SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"Insuficienti bani pentru a baga in depozit."); 
    return 1;

    Sursa: internet:
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 23:13
    [Filterscript]Sistem PayDay

    Pasul 1

    Adaugati variabila, pday langa celelalte de la pinfo
    enum pInfo

    new PlayerInfo[MAX_PLAYERS][pInfo];

    Pasul 2

    Adaugam la OnPlayerRegister

    format(var, 32, "pDay=%d\n",PlayerInfo[playerid][pDay]);fwrite(hFile, var);

    Pentru a salva la SavePlayerData

    format(var, 32, "pDay=%d\n",PlayerInfo[playerid][pDay]);fwrite(hFile, var);

    Adaugam la OnPlayerLogin

    if( strcmp( key , "pDay" , true ) == 0 ) { val = ini_GetValue( Data ); PlayerInfo[playerid][pDay] = strval( val ); }

    Pasul 3

    Pentru a determina timpul pe care trebuie sa il indeplineasca utilizatorul pt a lua paycheck

    Adaugam la OnPlayerConnect

    PlayerInfo[playerid][pDay] = 3600; // 3600 inseamna o ora in milisecunde

    Pasul 4

    Adaugam la public OtherTime (ca sa creeam timpul scurs)

    if(PlayerInfo[i][pDay] >= 0)
    if(PlayerInfo[i][pDay] ghour) || (tmphour == 0 && ghour == 23))
    format(string, sizeof(string), "SERVER: The time is now %d:00 hours",tmphour+1);
    ghour = tmphour;
    if (realtime)

    BoNNeD &Cara;
    Sursa net:
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 23:03
    [Gammemode]Blown RPG (v3.2)

    Tip GameMode (Gf,RP,Stunt,etc): RPG

    Comenzi adaugate
    - /clear
    - hidden free( EX: /v color1 205)
    - /securitycmds,
    - /mafiicmds,
    - /departamentcmds
    - /leaders +
    - /factions
    - /cmasina(cu ea poti creea o masini pentru DealerShip.)

    Download link:
    Sursa: internet chiar va recomand sa verificati poate gasiti versiuni mai noi[Gammemode]Blown+RPG+(v3.2)
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 22:47
    [Gammemode]Bugged editat +UCP
    (nu este mysql)

    Download GameMode:
    Link #1:
    Link #2:
    VirusTotal GameMode:

    Download UCP: 
    Link #1:
    Link #2:
    VirusTotal UCP:

    Tip GameMode(Gf,RP,Stunt,etc) RPG

    Sursa internet:[Gamemode]Bugged+editat++UCP+fara+mysql+samp[Gammemode]Bugged+editat++UCP+samp
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 22:42
    Report System Avansat

    Descriere :Un sistem /report cu multe beneficii unul fiind si live chat-ul! Admin-ul poate discuta detaliat problema cu jucatorul prin livechat. De ce live chat? Mie personal mi s-a intamplat de foarte multe ori sa intru pe un server sa dau /report adminul sa imi raspunda dar sa nu-mi raspunda complet. Iar eu nu am cum sa ii dau pm pentru ca nu am acces la /w sau nu am telefon pentru /call .

    Cerinte :
    - Pentru a edita fs-ul aveti nevoie de urmatoarele inc.uri

    Comenzi:Pentru comenzi /reporthelp
    /report /rc - vorbesti in live chat ( pentru jucatori )");
    /ra - Vorbesti in live chat
    /creport - Inchide live chat
    /oreport - Deschide report / live chat
    /sreport - Stergi un report
    /reports - Lista reporturi


    Sursa: net[Descriere+:Un+sistem+/report+cu+multe+beneficii+unul+fiind+si+live+chat-ul!++samp
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 22:32
    Los Santos Police Department
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    National Guard
    Hitman Agency
    Taxi Cab Company
    News Reporters
    Paramedic Department
    School Instructors
    Grove Street
    Los Vagos
    Los Astecaz
    The Rifa
    The Russian Mafia

    # Versiune: 0.3.7
    # Link de descarcare:
    Link 1: (
    Link 2: (
    Link 3: (
    # Parola arhiva: mr.yonutz_zm

    Sursa : internet
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 22:27
    [Filterscript]GPS System
    Cu ajutorul acestor coduri,care le introducem in pawno vom creea GPS System.
    Sa incepem.

    #define DIALOG_GPS 1 // Aici in loc de 1, voi puneti ce id aveti liber.

    Acum vom crea o variabila globala unde vom adauga coordonatele si numele locului.
    Eu voi adauga doar doua locuri , voi puteti adauga cate doriti.

    Enum GPSInfo
    Float : X ,
    Float : Y ,
    Float : Z ,
    numeloc [ 20 ] /// X,Y si Z fiind coordonatele , iar numeloc fiind numele locatiei.
    }; static const

    Float : GPSCoords [] [ GPSInfo ] = {
    {- 2765.5952 , 375.5954 , 6.3359 , "Banca San Fiero" }, //Aici veti adauga coordonatele si numele
    {- 1409.8231 - 298.7873 , 14.1484 , "Aeroportul San Fierro" }

    Bun acum sa realizam comanda /gps

    La public OnPlayerCommandText:

    if (! strcmp ( cmdtext [ 1 ], "gps" ))
    ShowPlayerDialog ( playerid , 1 , DIALOG_STYLE_LIST , "Selecteaza locatia" , "1. \t Banca San Fierro \n2. \t Aeroportul San Fierro" , "Selecteaza" , "Inchide" );
    return true ;

    Sau daca doriti in dc_cmd , la sfarsitul gm-ului adaugati:

    CMD : gps ( playerid , params [])
    ShowPlayerDialog ( playerid , 1 , DIALOG_STYLE_LIST , "Selecteaza locatia" , "1. \t Banca San Fierro \n2. \t Aeroportul San Fierro" , "Selecteaza" , "Inchide" );
    return true ;

    Acum vom crea o verificare in la public OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint in care sa se verifice daca playerul ajunge la locatia aleasa sau nu.

    new gpsid = GetPVarInt ( playerid , "GPS" );
    if( IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint ( playerid , 10.0 , GPSCoords [ gpsid ][ X ], GPSCoords [ gpsid ][ Y ], GPSCoords [ gpsid ][ Z ]))
    DisablePlayerCheckpoint ( playerid );
    SendClientMessage ( playerid , 0xFF9900FF , "* Ai ajuns la locatia aleasa! " );
    return true ;

    Acum sa adaugam la public OnDialogResponse:

    case 1: // Dacă nu utilizați un comutator (dialogid), in cazul asta scrieti: if(dialogid == 1)
    if(!response) return true;
    DisablePlayerCheckpoint(playerid); // Sterge checkpointul de pe harta in cazul in care exista un alt checkpoint pe harta .
    SetPlayerCheckpoint(playerid, GPSCoords[listitem][X], GPSCoords[listitem][Y], GPSCoords[listitem][Z], 10.0);
    SetPVarInt(playerid, "GPS", listitem);
    new str[80];
    format(str, 80, "Ai marcat locul {FF0000}%s{AAAADD} pe harta.", GPSCoords[listitem][numeloc]);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xAAAADDFF, str);

    Sursa: net
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 22:24
    RedzMax RPG Game Mode
    -Este rang MAXER(PREMIUM) + Rank Admin + Rank HELPER Smile pentru comenzi de premium [pDonateRanl] de helper [pTrial] de admin [pAdmin]

    ~*Sistem de case*~
    Casele pot fi creeate direct din joc prin comanda /hcreate te duci la usa unei case scri de ex: /hcreate 1 1 1 Smile si se va face o casa care va costa 1$ de la level 1! Smile cu interior 1 /hcreate [ID] [PRET] [LEVEL]
    Ca sa intri in casa/Sa cumperi apesi F ! Smile si iti va aparea de exemplu la cumparare vrei sa cumperi X dai DA si e a ta .
    *PONT* Sa nu comentati "nu ma spawneaza la casa!" ca sa te spawneze la casa/factiune scri /spawnchange Smile
    ~*Sistem de masini personale*~
    Sistemul este super bun pot spune. spune ce ai luat un GPS de la 24/7 scri /gps si alegi de acolo Dealer Ship Lux/Barci/2 Roti etc Smile langa primarie e un shop "Dialog"in care apesi F si iti va aparea un meniu de masini!
    "PONT: La masin apare ca sunt 0 modele Sad( cum repar? Scri /setvslots IDVEHICUL cauti pe google id-ul de vehicul ex: sa-mp vehicle ids
    ~*Contul MAXER*~
    Ca maxer poti avea 2 JOB-uri! ca jucator normal doar 1 job atat. dar ca maxer 2
    ~*Sistem de puncte*~
    Sunt diferite acheviement-uri in joc de ex cand omori un politai,prima data cand conduci,prima data cand omori un admin , cand iei primul job s.a.m.d
    primesti puncte! Punctele le gestionezi la /itemmall de la spawn! poti lua Respect boost! cu respect bost primesti mai multe RP-points Smile
    In joc sunt multe factiuni! Factiunea 11 e nula ! n-are HQ n-are vehicule n-are nimic!
    ~*WAR SYSTEM*~
    Sunt in total 4-5-6 clanuri nu stiu exact! Acestea pot da /war si sa se lupte! ( ca sa mearga trebuie sa fi pe teritoriul unui clan! Scri /war si va aparea pe chat ca X ataca X.
    Toate joburile merg super bine fara bug! rasplata nu este mare maxim 5k !
    Serverul se bazeaza pe mysql! deci la download aveti sampr05.sql ! ce faceti cu aceeasta? intrati in phpmyadmin creeati o db cu numele sampr05 de ex si da-ti paste la query.
    in gamemode intrati cu pawno si editati detaliile despre host Smile ca sa le gasiti apasati CTRL+F sampr05 Smile si o sa fie acolo

    Link virusscan:

    Credite: Astro,BoNNeD.

    Sursa net;
  • KrIsT 22.02.2016, 22:05
    [Filterscript]Parc de distractii

    Parcul contine:

    Bumpers Cars
    Vortex Coaster
    Go go Karts
    Topgun | Revolution
    Crazy cows
    Projekt 1
    The Jail


    /funfair - Teleport
    /roller - Vortex Coaster
    /carousel - Carousel
    /revolution - Revolution
    /topgun - TopGun / Revolution
    /thejail - The Jail
    /projekt - Projekt 1
    /observer - Observer
    /ferriswheel - Ferriswheel
    /caida - Freefall
    /cow - Crazy cows
    /startall - Starts all fairgrounds / rides



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