How do I connect to GameCP?


How do I connect to GameCP?
How do I set the language used?
I forgot my password, how recover my password?

All hosting services provided by are on Linux, including the hosting servers.

We offer the lowest prices guaranteed quality reporting host. The quality of service is closely related to its price, we reduced prices, but I did not compromising quality. To meet gamers have great promotions (discounts) and offers of promotion (sponsorship) gaming communities.

At everything is automatic.
After receiving and activating the hosting, you can view the date when automatically closes the hosting.
To extend the host service, you can pay before the closing date.
To do this read next the tutorial:   Extend hosting host game or Extend Hosting Web Host
After payment, of automatically it change the closing date of host service.

If you need assistance please contact us. Our assistance is effective 24 hours of 24 being provided both by YM, tutorials, phone, e-mail, and by tickets.

After ordering and payment confirmation, you will receive an email containing access GameCP:

User Name:
Game Server: - eg HL - Counter Strike
Server IP: eg

Connecting to GameCP is done:
- by writing the address of the connection (link) that you received the activation
- site after we logged in, go to the "My Account" in "Manage Services", "Manage" and click on the "Details ". Here is link directly to GameCP. In the details can change the hostname if he is given the

By accessing the address GameCP (link), type the username and password that were at received service activation.



- Do not confuse the user and password as the user on the site with your username and password to access GameCP

- when the service was activated was automatically generated password, so copy all password including gender brackets {, [, (,]) or}.


How do I set the language used ?

You can change the language, only prior to log in GameCP.
 We recommend using English.

I forgot my password, how recover my password ?

Use the Forgot Password?

Write your Username, Account E-mail  and clik Submit


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