Dedicated IP web host or VPS owned at

Dedicated IP web host or VPS owned at


Price: €1.00 / month
Stock: Available


  • 1 dedicated IP assigned for a 1 month period to 1 webhost package owned at
  • Automatic assignment: NO
  • Service activation period: maximum 24 hours
  • Propagation period (IP recognition) is the same as the propagation period of the NS: 1 minute - 72 hours from activation
  • If the paid period for the assigment of the IP exceeds the webhost's, it will be considered as IP reservation

Activation instructions:

On new orders add as a comment *The domain for which there is (at an active webhost package and for which you want a dedicated IP.

After the payment, if you wish to expedite the activation send a ticket to Contact

Video tutorial


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