Bukkit Minecraft Server Hosting

Bukkit is a server project Minecraft beta mode, made ​​from scratch, to offer ease server management.
The project is not supported by manufacturers Bukkit Minecraft server with a different structure, but both servers are for the game Minecraft .

Currently all updates Minecraft Bukkit are manual and must be made ​​by owners host.

A variant of "BETA" no guarantee perfect operation, there may be bugs, but as they are discovered can be removed (repaired) .

Minecraft Bukkit aims to provide the tools necessary for your server to be configured exactly as you like and install, uninstall any plugin.

Minecraft Bukkit Project has proposed:
- To provide all documents and resources to encourage developers to make plugins commands you want.
- To provide an integrated plugin management update, install and uninstall plugins with the click of a button or a simple command (Plugin Repository).
- To provide different plugins with new features (eg entity anti-gravity), enabling owners to customize their server to make it special from other servers.
- To enable writing plugins in any language easily.

Bukkit plugins can be downloaded from the website http://fill.bukkit.org and the latest information can be found on the official website http://bukkit.org .

Bukkit plugins:




O lista cu principalele pluginuri folosite, in Bukkit Minecraft, o gasiti pe site-ul HostGame.ro http://hostgame.ro/articole/minecraft_administrare/pluginuri_minecraft_craftbukkit/


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