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Our host services include free DDOS and Firewall Protection,
free SSL certificate, access to Panel and ftp SFTP. Sv_downloadurl.
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Automatic activation upon payment by CREDIT CARD.
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This document defines the context in which HostGame.ro agrees to provide any services to its users and is an agreement between parties. All service users are subject to these terms and conditions and use of services requires acceptance and compliance with the Terms and Conditions. HostGame.ro reserves the right to modify this document without prior notice, but this is no reason to ceasing collaboration by the user, nor to refuse payment of the services offered or provided.

HostGame.ro - denotes and is defined by FIDELITY WORKS LLC as a PROVIDER for web hosting services, game servers hosting and other services that can be contracted and purchased online from this site.


User - individual or legal person who uses the services provided by HostGame.ro.
Personal data requested - name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, address (city, county, street, street no.).
Order - is completing the order form and checkout by an individual or legal person requesting at least one of the services provided by HostGame.ro.
Month - the calendar month - period of time for wich a service was paid.
Last day of payment - is the last day that you can pay to extend the provided service. In case of default the service can be suspended after 23:59. The last day of payment is kept constant for loyal users, except on the 29, 30, 31, in which case the last day of payment is the last day of the corresponding month, and then returns to the original payment date (calendar month has a variable number of days: 30 or 31 days, and 28 days in February and 29 days in leap years).


HostGame.ro provides hosting on their own servers owned by FIDELITY WORKS LLC. The user does not have rights to the equipment. Physical access to the equipment is strictly prohibited.

DDOS protection - Flood

Our host services include free DDOS and Firewall Protection, with a limit of 1mil pps or 5Gbps per IP. If the size of the attack exceeds the protection capacity, access to the attacked IP is blocked during the attack.

In case of a prolonged attack, the attacked IP will be blackholed, at first for a few hours and then progressively for a longer period of up to 24 hours, until the attack ends.

Agreement on the use of cookies

This site uses cookies, deactivating their use of the browser used by you may result in the impossibility of accessing certain pages (eg registration, password recovery, maintaining authentication, and so on).
Enable cookies on your browser and your continued use of our site, it is considered as your implicit agreement to use cookies. If you want to delete or do not use cookies on our website, you can disable in your browser settings.
Learn more about cookies, please see our "Policy to use cookies"

HostGame.ro liability

HostGame.ro can be hold accountable only up to the limit of its services rendered in a unit of time - months, compared to non-execution duration culpable. HostGame.ro will not be liable to User or any third party for any damages, loss of profits, unrealized benefits arising directly or indirectly from inappropriate usage of services. HostGame.ro is not responsible for loss of data or any other loss / failures caused by malfunction of the service, the responsibility for making backups falling entirely in user's duty. HostGame.ro can not be hold accountable if the user's application and / or site does not work on the server, he has to ensure of the compatibility with the server.

Order, Payment and Invoice

  1. All orders will be done online. First, check in details, description and characteristics of the service that you want to order and pay. Making commands implicitly assumes that you have knowledge of the characteristics of the product ordered.
  2. Users need to provide full, fair and accurate personal data requested using the provided form. By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy. HostGame.ro can not be held liable under any circumstances for any inconvenience caused to users, resulted from incorrect or incomplete data provided by the user.
  3. After checkout an invoice is sent automatically to the User's email address. The invoice has no fiscal worth, but contains all the information required for payment and is also available in the User's account.
  4. The User agrees to pay for services in advance for the time period for which they are provided. Payments already made can not be returned or canceled if the user no longer wants to use the services for which he paid in advance.
  5. Payment for services is made by Wire Transfer, by the SMS or by CARD payment . Note: Prices are subject to change. Do not make any payment until after completing a new order on the site.
    The invoice has no fiscal worth, and each company has its own format for different services.
    For the amount transferred using wire transfer you must pay the bank fee.
    We recommend you check what fees are charged by banks.
    We mention that our company is also charged a separate commission for the amount transferred by you, at the bank where we have our account opened.
    We recommend that you open a bank account in order to properly register the commission charged by the bank for the wire transfer from your account.
    If you do not have a bank account and the bank where you made the wire transfer registers the transfer fee as collected in our company account, the service value is supplemented with the commission charged by the bank, in order to justify this additional revenue recorded by the bank in our company account. We mention that the bank charges this fee from our account and our company collects the actual price displayed on the site.
  6. After completing the payment by wire transfer and we collect the money, the tax invoice is issued.
  7. HostGame.ro recommends the confirmation of the payment by sending a copy of the payment document proving this, by e-mail at contact@hostgame.ro for payments made at the bank counter or by wire transfer. Users benefit from the HostGame.ro services within 24 hours after payment confirmation. 
  8. Tax invoices can be viewed in PDF format and in the e-mail attachment of the invoice notice.
  9. HostGame.ro reserves the right to negotiate with each user the applied fees (to decrease or increase them), according to the policy of promoting the provided services.
  10. Read carefully the conditions that benefit from promotions. Promotions in partnerships allow withdrawal of additional slots awarded by applying normal tariff plan, if not longer qualify for partnership.
  11. The ordered service is considered to be provided starting with the date (day.month.year) that it is activated first time.
  12. You are not obligated to pay monthly, you are not payment penalties. Host is deleted after 0-7 days.
  13. Server IPs are distributed randomly and are reserved only for the period in which the service is paid and is nominated account on the site in servicii. If Administration Service is no longer in the administration of services, IP owned by then no longer available and can not be allocated on demand.
  14. HostGame.ro reserves the right to permanently delete all data of the hosted accounts after the payment due date of the invoice, if payment has not been made, or after the expiration of the period for which payment has been made and service has been provided, without providing backup for the deleted data.


Domains and vps are not refunded as these services involve activation efforts and activation costs.

For the other services, only payments made by bank transfer can be refunded.

For SMS and Bankcard payments, this refund is only made to the user account on the HostGame.ro site, and the amounts may be used to pay for future services or orders. The processor of these payment methods does not have the Refund service available.

HostGame.ro reserves the right to refund the amounts transferred to the bank account of the company (excluding the fees involved) if those amounts were transferred without respecting the order and payment methodology, and the amount transferred does not match the price of the requested service.

Money will be refunded minus the amount of fees charged for receiving and reimbursing.

You agree with the loss of all rights to the owned services in case of requests for money reimbursement by the credit card company, the bank where the transfer was made or for the amounts paid by SMS, in case of fraud by transferring money from one account, bank fraud in a credit card or calling card fraud or non-payment of amounts due to phone operator, or any payment processor.

Acceptable Use Policy of HostGame.ro Services

HostGame.ro and its affiliates (collectively named "HostGame") have formulated this Acceptable Use Policy in order to encourage the responsible use of networks, systems, services and HostGame.ro websites (collectively named "HostGame Network and Services") by our users and other users (hereinafter "Users") and to enable us to provide our users safe, reliable and productive services.

HostGame.ro network and services must be used in a manner consistent with their intended purposes and may only be used for lawful purposes. The user does not have permission to use the network and services of HostGame.ro to transmit, distribute or store material that violates any applicable law or regulation, in a manner leading to rights violations of copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights or image rights, privacy, publicity or other personal rights of third party patrimonial if such material is false data, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, abusive, or contains a virus, worm, Trojan horse or any other part likely to cause damage, containing fraudulent offers for goods or services or any other promotional materials that contain statements, claims or false representations likely to deceive or mislead or generally in a manner that may commit criminal or civil liability of HostGame.ro or any member of its staff.

Our servers will not be used under any circumstances and in any circumstance for transmission, storage or publication of any unlawful (under the laws of Romania, the European Union and the United States).
Illegal materials include, but are not limited to:
  - Violation of a copyright or any other right of any party;
  - Material protected by trade secrets or any other status;
  - Threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory statements;
  - Materials designed to encourage feelings of hatred or discrimination;
  - Adult content, nudity, pornography, anything of a sexual or text or obscene;
  - Promotion of illegal activities (hacking, cracking, warez, phishing, etc);
  - Information or software containing or about any kind of virus or trojans;
  - Collection of personal information for illegal purposes;
  - Any content deemed by us to be detrimental or illegal.

HostGame.ro has the exclusive property right to use the purchased domains (hostgame.ro, etc..) and their subdomains, and can suspend at any time, without giving a reason, a user's given consent to use one or more subdomains. 

HostGame.ro does not assume any responsibility for any material created or accessible on or through networks and services of HostGame.ro not sent by it or on it's request. HostGame.ro does not monitor or exercise any editorial control over such material, but reserves the right to do so to the extent permitted by applicable law. HostGame.ro is not responsible for the method used to access such materials on / through the network and / or services of HostGame.ro offered under this document . HostGame.Ro is not responsible for the content of any website other than those belonging HostGame. 

HostGame.ro notifies the User, that accessing any material available on the Internet, directly or through password authentication, providing users' personal data, including bank account numbers, credit card numbers of any type, acceptance of loading/downloading some applications that auto-install themselves, acceptance of automatic connections to third party destinations can provide material and / or moral prejudice to the User. 

The User does not have permission to use the HostGame.ro network and services to

  • send messages that have not been requested by e-mail, including, without limiting to, bulk commercial advertising or informational announcements (hereinafter referred to as "SPAM") in a manner that HostGame.ro can expect, in reasonably way, to have a negative impact on the network and its services, including, without limiting to, using an e-mail from the HostGame network
  • send spam or to promote a site that is in or is connected to the HostGame network.
  • send email messages that contain fake information in the TCP / IP header ("header packet")  
  • send malicious emails, phishing/SCAM, including without limiting to messages of the "mail bombing" type
  • send or receive email messages in a manner that violates any Internet service provider terms of service
  • promote the services of other hosting companies and/or post messages/announcements like "We moved to ......" "You can find us at the new address ....", etc..
  • send email messages which are excessive and/or intended to harass or annoy others
  • continue to send emails to a recipient that has indicated it does not wish to receive them 

The user is not allowed to violate or attempt to violate the security of HostGame.ro network and services, including, without limiting to, accessing data not intended for such a user or entering into a server or account which he does not have permission to access, attempting to probe, scan or try the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach it's security or authentication measures without proper authorization, attempting to interfere with, interrupt or to disable the service to any user, host or network, including, without limiting to, the means of overloading, "flooding", "mail bombing" or "crashing", counterfeiting headers of any TCP / IP or any part of information contained in it along with sending e-mail or taking any action in order to obtain services to which such a user is not entitled.

In case of finding a breach of any provision of this Acceptable Use Policy, HostGame.ro may intervene, without prior notice to the user, through: 

  • deletion / removal of messages / advertisements / postings / software / platforms that violate these terms and conditions, including re-installing the service and deleting all user input;
  • temporary suspension of provided services to the user until he agrees in writing to refrain from any future violations of these provisions, and in case of a new violation of any provision of this Acceptable Use Policy, the User will be subject to immediate suspension or interruption of the provided services.

The user is solely responsible for any complaints received from third parties and addressed to HostGame.ro, based on the user actions prohibited by this Act. The user shall indemnify third parties so prejudiced, and HostGame.ro, in the event of material/moral damage by his act, committed intentionally or by simple negligence.

Tehnical assistance

Technical assistance is granted for the usage of the site hostgame.ro and the administration of the provided hosts, not for administration of scripts / plugins / add-ons used on the hosts.
The user is responsible for the ordered websites and game servers.

Force majeure

Force majeure, as defined by law, exonerates the party invoking it within 48 hours of production if it is thoroughly proven.


Disputes between parties , unsolved amicably, are subject to competent courts for settlement. 

Information note regarding the protection of personal data

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

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