How do I pay by value vouchers

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We are waiting for you on Skype: or WhatsApp: 0744.582.014 to activate the order and pay the vouchers (vouchers). recommends that you order the desired service directly.

Prices are in Euros or RON depending on the method of payment chosen.
Commissioned service activation is done only after confirmation of payment.
Ordering without paying will result in the order being cancelled.

You can not order HostGame.Ro services if you are not registered on the site. Carefully read the terms and conditions provide services to its users.

Access credentials and other information regarding the services ordered shall be communicated only by e-mail. If billing data is incomplete the service will not be activated. Only you have access to your billing data in the "My Account" section. Do not give your username and password to others.

After confirming your payment you will receive access to the ordered services by e-mail. provides professional services, their activation is automatic. Contact operators is optional in case you require consulting.
SMS Payment is accepted only if the message (SMS) is sent from Romania.

How to order host, how to pay

How can I use vouchers (vouchers).

With the help of vouchers (vouchers) you can pay all or part of any service offered by

The value vouchers can be used as such (one or more vouchers) but also combined with the payment via SMS or another payment method.

Regardless of the chosen method of payment only by value or combined vouchers (vouchers and SMS or lei (CARD, bank transfer)), it is necessary to make a ticket so that representatives can facilitate payment by vouchers.

Each user must keep track of their value vouchers and their amounts.

To use the vouchers you must make a ticket specifying what service you want - the period in months, how you want to pay, the total value of the vouchers and the number of orders or orders by which you purchased the voucher, respectively the vouchers

Example of ticket filling:

I want to pay for a period of 1 month Hosting Server CS1.6 - 32 slots.
Mention that I have:
Voucher value of ... euro - order # 3888
Voucher value of ... euro - order # 3889

Add funds:

* 2 euro / 1 month - 1 euro voucher
* 3 euro / 1 month - 2 euro voucher
* 4 euro / 1 month - 3 euro voucher
* 5 euro / 1 month - 4 euro voucher
* 6 euro / 1 month - 5 euro voucher
* 7 euro / 1 month - 6 euro voucher
* 8 euro / 1 month - 7 euro voucher
* 9 euro /  1 month - 8 euro voucher
* 10 euro /1 month - 9 euro voucher

Note: The value vouchers have value only for the payment of the services from the offer.
Vouchers cannot be used to receive money later.
The vouchers are not transferable, they are valid only for the holder who issued the order and paid the voucher and can be used only once, regardless of whether their value has been fully consumed or not.

Payment by SMS

SMS Payment is accepted only if the message (SMS) is sent from Romania.

  1. First order / New order (host tutorial in pictures)
  2. Payment by SMS - Extension host (host tutorial in pictures) 

Payment by card

  1. First order / New order (host tutorial in pictures)
  2. Payment by card - Extension host (host tutorial in pictures)

Payment by Bank Wire

  1. First order- New order (host tutorial in pictures)
  2. Payment by Bank Wire - Extending host- New order (host tutorial in pictures)



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  • 9/6/14, 4:09 pm
    Fac tichet ca sa anunt ca am cumparat un voucher?
    Ce scriu in tichet?
    • 9/8/14, 8:01 am
      Cum primesc donații de la admini sau membrii din comunitate, daca voucher-ul nu este transferabil?
      • CORNEL 9/8/14, 10:06 am
        Detinatorul hostului (server sau forum/comunitate), da comanda in functie de suma pe care donatorul vrea sa o doneze, si ii comunica donatorului prin Yahoo Messenger, Skype sau alta modalitate datele necesare de plata, iar donatorul trimite cele doua SMS-uri de plata si confirmare a platii..
    • CORNEL 9/6/14, 4:12 pm
      Se face tichet cand vrei sa folosesti bonul valoric pentru a plati un serviciu.
      In tichet se specifica valoarea totala a bonurilor si numarul comenzilor pentru a verifica si a acorda serviciul solicitat.
      Exemplu de tichet:
      Varianta 1
      Doresc sa fac prelungire la host server pentru inca 1 luna cu Gazduire Server CS1.6 - 32 sloturi.
      Mentionez ca am :
      Bon valoric de 5 euro - comanda #3889
      In acest caz pentru plata serviciului este necesar de inca 4 euro cartela prepay orange, sau 4,10 euro vodafone.
      Noi facem reducere de pret la Gazduire Server CS1.6 - 32 sloturi de la 9 euro +TVA la 4 euro + TVA, emitem comanda in asteptare si urmeaza sa platesti cei 4 euro apasand pe plateste din comanda emisa de noi.

      Varianta 2
      Doresc sa fac prelungire la host server pentru inca 1 luna cu Gazduire Server CS1.6 - 32 sloturi.
      Mentionez ca am bonuri valorice in suma totala de 9 euro:
      Bon valoric de 5 euro - comanda #3889
      Bon valoric de 4 euro - comanda #3900
      In acest caz noi verificam existenta celor doua bonuri valorice si emitem comanda de prelungire host. uses cookies to provide you with a pleasant experience. More details