How to register on the site

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To order services must be registered on the site.

The record read the terms and conditions under which provide services to its users.

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How to register on the site - Step A:

In order to register on the website must have an e-mail address.

If you have a valid email account, press up on the menu bar on the recording.

How to register on the site - Step B

Fill in all required.


Click on the recording.


How to register on the site -Step C

Check the box if you received e-mail e-mail account activation.

Click on the link to activate your account.

If the link does not respond to touch (you are not redirected to the site then click on the link.


Copy the link while pressing the Ctrl key and two C or right click the mouse give and select Copy link location:


Paste the link into your browser and press the Enter key


O sa fiti redirectionati catre site-ul

How to register on the site - Step D 

After authentication is recommended to fill your data, even if you want to order services or products. He earns time and completion data is required by tax laws where you want to order.

What data is complete: Name - Name - Phone - Address, which must include name of the street, no. street, block and scale, floor, door -Cod Post - Country -Localitatea - County or sector where appropriate.

Communication access data and other information regarding the services ordered shall be made only by e-mail.

Filling can be made subsequently address before your order by logging onto the site, press (up) on "My Account"


On the left, we "create address" if we go the mouse button, it unfolds in "person" & "company", the most common is "person". Only companies (firms) and freelancers choose "company".



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