Skype download

Skype download How do I sign on Skype

Skype is an online communication, is an alternative at yahoo messenger.

It's free, but also offers services against payment.

To use Skype you need to download the program and to register (no matter the order). At recording (Creating account) you can fill in only the fields (windows marked by an asterisk *) is even advisable, because sometimes gives system error (eg "you did not age appropriate to use Skype")

Depending on operating system you use on your computer you need to download the Skype software properly. The default language is English, but you can select another language. Read the installation instructions carefully and uncheck additional options, they can be installed at any time, if it necessary.

To download Skype using the following links:

Skype pentru Windows desktop

Skype pentru Windows 8 

Skype pentru Mac

Skype pentru Linux


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