Brief history of gaming in Romania

Brief history of gaming in Romania

Rounders (or Hoin)

* This is a traditional Romanian game practiced approximately XIV century and is first mentioned in documents in 1364, during the reign of Vlaicu Voda.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Article Oina

* Romanians Oina game everywhere


Turca (Turca / tzurca)

* Traditional game - well known as playing children in Romania and not only a sport devenid established in 2011 when the Association Sports Club registered trademark Turca.a Roman "Turkey" and obtained the patent for sporting materials: pit (made in wooden device size), stick and stick (Turca)


* Turca is called the Czech and Slovak SASC or Cacica the Serbs. Turkish is known in India, Cambodia, the former Burma or Nepal (Gili Danda and other names), there tipcat Chinese, London (Milos Zapletal, Low Encyclopedia of Games, 1975), ceyloneză even in the Pacific Islands under the name "kiolaolalaau "

Source:  Article Super Bowl Romania »Turca revived in Sighet and wants to become sport


* This game was made in Romania to staff the North American High Command in World War I to occupy the leisure of its military. After the surrender of German forces in Europe brought sports equipment was donated all countries that were part of the coalition. Among them there were a few basketballs, and wood panels with wire rings used to play basketball. First dating basketball game is on 4 December 1921 in the article "basket ball" in the newspaper "Echo sports," which was published in "Rules of the game of basketball."

Romanian Basketball Federation Basketball Rule History of Romania and the Romanian Basketball Federation


* This game was made in Romania in 1890, the dentist Julius Weiner, from England after completing his studies, he came to the country with a football and the game rules

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Article Football in Romania

* First official football match in Romania was played in 1907 between KVSC (Kolozsvari Vasutas Sports Club, translated Cluj Railway Sports Club) and KKAC (Commercial Academy in Cluj band) score 0-23

Source:, Art History


* This game was officially launched in 1919, brought in Romania in 1920, being implemented in some schools as a sport within physical education time


* In 1921 was the first handball match in Romania said in the press (newspaper Tageblatt Hermannstädter) at one year after the first game of handball in the world (Berlin 1920).

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Art Hockey History


* This game was made in Romania in 1917 by family members TSDIR and New (Brasov) who have taught in North America (U.S. and Canada). The first clubs were officially formed in 1924. National Hockey League first place in 1925.

Source: Article Corona Brasov Braşov Fenestela 68!


* Playing in Romania in 1920, was originally called Minonete being invented in 1895 by American professor William Morgan (this was inspired by the game of tennis).
First Capital's National Volleyball Championship, organized in 1931 with the participation of teams: Student Sports, Juventus, YMCA Turda, Viforul Dacia-Club Tennis Defenders of the Fatherland, winning last place I.



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