Romanian traditional outdoor games

Traditional games, collective games in general, gives children the opportunity to socialize, interact with each other, consume energy to express the need for freedom and personality.

The hidden or the (you) seek = children's game in which a searcher must find hidden players in a particular area previously established.
* Is called: Ajumitul, Eve, bees, the cuckoo, the Dubas, the LUSU, the Mija, the stealth, the Tupu ', Mija-Patca, Mojoarca, Mijoiu, Mijoatca, Motroaşca, Pitulatu, Wren
Seeker, who is the "blinked" must stand facing the wall, tree, etc. (instead of "blinked") with eyes closed without speculate where others hide and count aloud to a certain number set. At the end of counting, the simplified version is crying with loud voice, "Who's ready or not ready, take it with a shovel," and starts looking for players. In another variant just shout: "No: and someone predetermined, check hid all and answer" NO ", and so on until all the children hide and the designated shouting" READY ". If during the search that led to "blinked" sees, discovers hiding, a player announces shouting his name and had to flee to the place of "blinked" to achieve by hand instead and say "phew" and saw the name of . If you saw the wrong name then all out and scream "You've broken pots and ate stuffed cabbage! . Many take advantage of acceasta rule and changes with each different clothing items to be mistaken. If the saw and correctly pronounce the name should run and get ahead of their pursuers not to be the "blinked". Usually marked last seen looking for is one that will be the "blinked" the next search. During search some of the players can take advantage of inattention seeker and come before him at "blinked." Sometimes, for fun and preserve the interests of all participants, it is established that if the last player before the seeker reaches the place of "blinked" and if you shout "Phew, last escape herd", the seeker to stay again "blinked." This "phew" dummy spit which symbolizes this player is marked on site. different variations in the game is giving up some "phew" and replace with "chicken" (chicken repezentand found the hen, or simply is more civilized than a symbolic spit), or enough to pronounce the name of the saw without even running to the place of "blinked" or the choice of the form the "blinked" has a preamble count, circle songs, or other game in which the sentence is to be designated as the seeker / pursuer / hunter, etc..

Cops and robbers / thieves and cops = children's game in which a team has to catch thieves robbers. The rules are as malleable in any child's play differs from district, city or region. It establishes that the thieves are allowed to hide possibly the maximum period in which to stay hidden in a place (to remove boredom from too much looking, if well-hidden). It is based on sincerity, is considered one who is seen first broke and claiming he was shot (usually shout bang-bang I shot and pronator name is pronounced in some areas prrr-pac (like machine guns) ). Wilderness of wood, plastic or any other material, if any, are purely symbolic, and one that is seen first need to recognize that it was shot down. At participating evolved in many times and is now the most mature paintball, playing with weapons that perfectly mimic real ones, but that shoot balls of ink. It takes a special protective equipment that mimic military equipment, the most visible effect is that infuse the atmosphere of war, but their primary purpose is to protect you if the ink you scoring (shot).

(The) blind man's buff = children's game in which one of them blindfolded, try to catch the others.

The baba-Gaia / the puia-Gaia = children's game in which one of them, which makes the hen, defending their "offspring" strung in line behind him, against another that makes the "Gaia" ,.

Knucklebone = children's game - gambling, which play using some small bones of lamb, knucklebone, bones of the knee joint in the hind legs of lambs or goats, the account positions that fell bones discarded
* Is called: Game ossicles game in Armas game in Armenian, in drink-good game, playing in his game in sbenghi.

Turkey = children's game in which collides with a stick another stick to be thrown far away. Stick of the opponent must be brought "home".
The player who starts the game is placed in a circle, where the stick strikes above. If the opponent catches the flight stick won the game, if not catch stick, then three inercari entitled to cast him in a circle, during which the learned circle must reject stick. As in any game, the rules are malleable and are set before the game (they vary from area to area). So stick can be thrown from your hand or in your hand and then hit with a stick larger, or can be put down and hit with big stick in order to jump to the ground and then hit to be thrown as far (in this case must be less sharp stick at the ends).

The razor / knife / country = game in which each player has equal parts of a circle on the ground made soft enough that knife / knife player to be able poked and remain stuck when throwing from different positions required by the rules stabilte from the beginning. Examples of throwing and position: the hand with knife tip to finger tip of the hand to the body, forehead, nose, etc. .. When the knife stick into enemy territory is draw a line that follows the direction of the blade and the territory of which increases with the cast that. Any failure in a knife poked in neighboring territories reduces the chances of plots November conquer and win. Required pitches are in your territory. It is believed that you won (won) when the opponent is no longer able to stay stable in feet (or foot) in territories where it belongs when you have to throw the knife. It sits on land only when throwing knife November plots to conquer Earth, otherwise stay away as the direction in which the knife throwing. Attention to play with sharp objects older children and present legal provisions for the protection of children!

Countries = children's game in which each player chooses a name of a country, which is going in a circle drawn on asphalt with chalk. The circle is divided like the spokes of a wheel. He who shouts the name of a country has the ball and the player who chose the country has to catch the ball, during which each runs as far. When the ball is caught the player shouts "stop" and all players must remain motionless and choose the one who caught the ball on one of the players and throw the ball at him in order to achieve it. If it hits the he must give a part of its territory. Required pitches are in your territory. It is believed that you were taken reespectiv you lose when you can not stay stable standing on territories that belong to you.

Animals = is the same game as the countries but choose pet names.

Castle rocks or 7 or 9 or more stones! = Games for children, where there is a house of stacked flat stones, and each member of the two teams take turns in throwing a tiny ball to demolish the castle. If one or more stones of the castle are felled, stones scattered opponents circle surrounding the castle, then try to hit the opponent with the ball to remove them from the game. During this time the team that demolished the castle trying to build the castle held by overlapping flat stones, but this involves taking care not to be removed from the game by touching the ball by the opponent. The game is won if the team manages to costruiasca castle back, or if the other team has eliminated all players.

Thick milk = children's game in which a team is a string consisting of pole (neutral player), and the first player you are in "fight" stand bent, head neutral player's hands (which you hand-stands clasped about in the right arm), the next player, bent, his head between the legs of the first player, taking the hands off the feet first player or to them and so on (is looking for everyone to have as high stability). Other team members jump back row defense, compulsory shouting "thick milk", so as to enable all team members to be able to climb the string format was not unbalanced or foot touching the ground, and if possible to land by force and break the string format. If the landing string breaks when those who are lean, remain to "beat" continue to form the string. If the string was not broken, then the first player is the sequence (those staying lean) show the fingers of one hand a number from 1-5, neutral player. Team leader is at stake has to guess the number of fingers shown.
The game is lost if:
- The player jumps back bend move players after landing to lie better (required should remain still, which can result in losing the game by: fall, reaching the ground, unable to string up all team )
- One of the players who jumped (and is on the back of the other team players) foot touches the ground
- If one of the players who jumps forgets to say "thick milk"
- If a player wants to jump does not occur in string
- If the string was broken (this can be caused both by the landing blow and the weight of poor posture or to jump)

People, people, we soldier! = Children's game in which two teams make a turn in front, consisting of players who are holding hands.
First team shouted Country, Country, we soldier!
The other team answer Who?
It answers "... and choose a player on the second team.
Player selected must run and try to break the chain of hands formed the first echipă.Unii players when running joins hand-stands in front and hit them with full force, hand-stands the opponent players to undock. If he manages to break the chain means to save and return to his team after the rules stabilte possibly can choose a player as punishment. If this fails to break the chain will move the team who called.
Remains the only team with a player loses the game.

Donkey = game for children in which they play at least 3, of which one is donkey and have to catch the ball, (the most popular)
* There's the version that donkey must avoid being hit by the ball;

Rates and hunters = game for children in which they play at least 4, of which two are hunters and must hit rates that are in between hunters. It is throwing the ball from a hunter to another, incercad to achieve rates. Hit rate comes out, the game continues until all installments out. For variation may be set as the last installment after the first touch it to tell shed years and be touched again as many times as ageless. After exclusion and final installment is changing teams.

Tag = tag or children's game in which a player has to catch any of the participants through touch, and the touch is in turn fastener.
There are various options that bring more fun and joy:
Squatting tag on the player can escape the opponent followed by crouching, reaching the ground with both hands
Tag to mill the opponent player can escape if pursued mill says he's come into play if another player touches and scream "LIFE"
Cut tag on the player can be escaped if followed another participant cut to catcher, where the catcher must pursue the one who cut the path, and other players can catch, but not one who watched above (the only exempt, a kind of mill)
Perched tag on the player can escape followed up catcher if (Coco) on something higher (curb, stone, fence, stump, bank, etc.).
Joined up tag on the player can escape catcher followed by Mount up to another participant
Slept tag the player can escape catcher followed by a quick sleep on the ground.
Statues tag the player can escape catcher followed shouting "statue", he must sit still until the game comes another participant touches and call "life." For variety and fun it can be shown that the statues are allowed to move if they are not seen by noon.
Catch with the ball the player must hit the ball followed. Anyone who is touched with the ball, even accidentally, is considered caught and gets catcher.

Source : team - childhood memories


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