Game Hosting MTA San Andreas - 25 slots

Game Hosting MTA San Andreas - 25 slots


Price: €4.00 / month
Stock: Available


  • Platform: Linux
  • FTP: Yes
  • Port: 22003
  • Control Panel (GameCP) with advanced integrated functions (integrated FTP and console)
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Autorestart in case of an error (crash)
  • DNS Free
  • Free forum (category) hosting in a partner comunity
  • Server wide security (Firewall)
  • Free domain, for DNS, on (e.g. or (e.g. or in a partner comunity
  • Without restrictions, as any addon/plugin/patch can be installed
  • Free (MySQL) database - if ordered together with Web Hosting Starter
    You need a bigger database? Choose another option (see Web Hosting)

    Special offers for this service


Technical specs

Port 22003
Sloturi 25


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  • edilupan 3/27/15, 2:14 pm
    Si in cat timp se va deschide hostu?
    • CORNEL 3/27/15, 4:52 pm
      In circa 5-20 min. dupa confirmarea plati in cazul platilor prin SMS si prin CARD, sau imediat dupa confirmarea platii de catre banca in cazul platii prin transfer bancar.

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