How do I increase or decrease the number of slots from the host server allows you to increase or decrease the number of slots of the server host, so that the content to be the same.

To change the number of slots the server, give a new order with the desired number of slots (to increase or decrease ) of the "Manage Services".

Note: The number of slots automatically change only after expire the current period.

Step 1: site after we logged in, go to the "My Account" in "Manage Services", "Pay" and click on the "Pay".
Note: If you've previously given another command to extend the host that was not completed (paid) will be instintati that there is another command (eg # 54) by pressing the order ID that we can complete your order or cancel.

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Step 2:

In the dialog displayed again have the opportunity to choose a different type of host.

Choose the number of months (pcs) .

Press Pay




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