How to use recharge codes to load a prepaid card

How to recharge a rechargeable card - prepaid SIM  (Telekom, Orange si Vodafone )

At everything is automated to pay by SMS .

  1. First corder / New order (host tutorial in pictures)
  2. Plata prin sms - Prelungirea hostului (tutorial host in imagini


SMS Payment is accepted only if the message (SMS) is sent from Romania.

We accept payments via SMS, just in mobile networks  Orange, Vodafone DIGI Mobil and Telekom.

SMS 0.10 euros additional cost.

If you have loans to pay for hosting or other services when calling card must be recharged. Each mobile operator has his way of loading a rechargeable phone card.

You can not use recharge card unless you have a prepaid card (the card with the phone number) on which to load.

A recharge code can be used only once. Regardless of how you choose to recharge, recharged amount will be added to the existing loan amount.

This article is informative, please follow the links opreatorilor mobile (Telekom, Orange si Vodafone ) to check for any changes.

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