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Automatic activation upon payment by CREDIT CARD.
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SMS Payment is accepted only if the message (SMS) is sent from Romania and can be done for all HostGame.Ro web hosting services and / or servers games, Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6), CS Global Offensive (CS GO), GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP), Minecraft, Moha and so on, available in all networks ((Orange,  Vodafone. Telekom and Digi Mobil)) for all services, regardless of value.

SMS Payment is accepted only if the message (SMS) is sent from Romania.

SMS 0.10 euros additional cost.

If you have loans to pay for hosting or other services when calling card must be recharged.
To learn how to load a prepaid card recharge code using CLIK HERE

 SMS Payment are secured by 

Please note some operators have limited mobilpay payments made by a certain amount. Make sure you have not exceeded the amount agreed between the mobile operator and Netopia SRL company which provides mobilpay .

Service activation is automatic after order confirmation and receive your e-mail access

You can not order HostGame.Ro services if you are not registered on the site.
The record read the terms and conditions under which provide services to its users.

This site uses cookies, deactivating their use of the browser used by you may result in the impossibility of accessing certain pages (eg, registration, password recovery, maintaining authentication, etc..). Learn more about cookies, please see our "Policy use cookies"

Prices are in Euros or RON depending on the method of payment chosen.

Please note, if you have a service on site after we logged in, go to the "My Account" in "Manage Services", "Manage" and click on the "Pay".

This tutorial is for those who want a new service, regardless of whether or not other service at

To make order and payment via SMS (in example: Hosting Server CS 1.6 - 22 slots) Follow the steps:

Shopping Cart: website, choose the left service category, then press the BUY  button next to the desired service.

Shopping gives us details about the services you have selected to order and pay (quantity, price).

When you give an order must go through the page (screen display) from top to bottom from left to right and fill / change through all entries (windows) you wish to order.

The quantity go 1 or 2 or 3 times another number of months or number of packets required 7 days (pc). Take advantage of discounts granted by the discount price.

If you want more hosts servers then you must add to cart yet another job, for this we get the desired service and press the Buy (repeat step 1).

If you want to order other services, repeat activities described above.
If I missed work or give up order of the shopping cart can remove the service by pressing the red button (delete).

Press Checkout

Step 1: Account Options

If you are not logged in you will be redirected to the login page or registration.

Pressed after the authentication event (after you have completed your username and password) or Register.

Select Language English get all the details in this language.
Fill in all required fields.


Press the Register button.


Continue shopping by clicking on the Shopping Cart, it is in the bottom left.



Step 2: Billing Details

After login you must fill Name - Name - Address, which should include number, street name. street, block and staircase, first floor, apartment-Postcode - Country-City - County or after the event. Completion of data is required by tax laws

Communication access data and other information regarding the services ordered shall be made only by e-mail.

Click on the Next button 

Step 3: Delivery Details:

Click on the Next button 


Step 4: Payment Method

Choose the payment method by Credit Card.

Click on the Next button 


Step 5: Delivery Method

Digital tick

Click on the Next button 


Step 6: Order Confirmation

Choose a user name and proceed to the DNS hostname or domain. Caution hostname is written in lowercase (eg If they are not available (used by another user) then informing us that they are not available. Choose another user and / or (as appropriate) other hostname.

 A valid hostname consists of a name (e.g. domaniname) and a TLD (e.g. .ro or .com). Please note that if you want to be able to connect to the game server using the hostname, you have to own that domain and set the correct DNS entry, or you can choose a free DNS provided by us ( or,  like provides free DNS form or, DNS setting is Automatic activation domain and it can be changed whenever needed in the service management page.


Tick ​​"I agree to the Terms and Conditions"

 Step 7:

Click on the Pay button in the right receipt.


Step 8:

Press Pay

Step 9:

Enter the no. phone from which you want to pay the appropriate box, and press "Platesc in siguranta" button.

Attention, read the information displayed on the site carefully, as it is possible that some mobile operators will charge for the SMS.




Step 10:

Sending an SMS to the number displayed by the text shown (eg: sending "573 324" to the number 7662). It will get a confirmation message (eg, "For validation send SMS to 7662 with text: DA 573 324 Total cost for CS 1.6 18 slots: x EUR. ").

Sending an SMS payment confirmation number displayed and indicated by the word "YES" (eg: sending "573 324 YES" to the number 7662). Will receive a message with the code for validation (eg, "Code validation is D4X297. Enter it in the field validation website.'ve Been charged x EUR + VAT. " ).

Enter the code you received in the appropriate box, and then click the "Finalizez" button.
After payment confirmation, to return to the site



Step 11:

Order was completed and receive: Payment was successfully

Order Status displays on your account management page

Service activation is automatic after order confirmation and receive your e-mail access.

If you have taken the loan but the payment has not been confirmed and the service has not been activated contact our customer support by completing a tiket HERE .



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  • exilod 6/30/14, 8:20 pm
    Nu pot efectua plata prin SMS. Nu ma lasat operatorul sau nu stiu ce ar putea fi. Incerc sa cumpar pachetul pentru testare timp de 7 zile. Nu se poate efectua plata prin card sau paypal?
    • CORNEL 6/30/14, 10:03 pm
      Se pot efectua plati prin SMS, doar in retelele de telefonie mobila ORANGE si VODAFONE.
      Momentan nu se poate face plata prin SMS de pe numerele de telefon ale operatorului Cosmote.

      Modalitati de plata
      - Plata prin SMS
      - Plata prin CARD
      - Plata prin Transfer Bancar

      Pentru a se afisa plata prin CARD, trebuie sa aveti de plata cel putin 15 lei.
  • dariussimplu20 6/12/14, 11:31 am
    Si eu am luat de la voi un sv de counter-strike de 12 sloturi cu cantitatea de 3 luni ... si la plata aveam 4,96 Euro , dar pentru ca aveam cartela prepay care se reincarca cu cod am platit doar 4 Euro . Si ma pregatesc sa-mi mai cumpar un sv , pentru ca hostul este foarte bun si nu mi sa intamplat niciodata sa cada serverul. DECI PE SCURT = ESTE UN HOST FOARTE BUN.
  • Flight 6/11/14, 6:35 pm
    Deci plata o pot efectua direct cu telefonul mobil nu? sa inteleg ca nu o sa imi vina nici o facture daca efectuez plata prin sms?
    • CORNEL 6/11/14, 8:46 pm
      Daca ai telefon care foloseste o cartela prepay ce se incarca prin cod, nu iti vine nici o factura. (factura / chitanta se emite cand cumperi cartela)

      Daca ai telefon pe abonament, la care iti vine acasa factura de la operatorul de telefonie mobila orice plata efectuata pe telefon prin SMS, este evidentiata in factura telefonului.
  • CORNEL 2/22/14, 12:46 am
    Daca am 5 euro pe cartela prepay pot plati un host de 6,20 euro?

    Raspunsul este DA, in cazul cartelelor prepay Orange care nu taxeaza suplimentar SMS-urile.

    Toate preturile afisate la ofertele de comenzi contin TVA.

    In articolele de prezentare a ofertelor, a promotiilor, reducerilor, se face referire la preturile fara TVA, adaugand, de regula, + TVA.

    Operatoriil de telefonie mobila vand cartele fara sa specifice TVA-ul.

    Astfel o cartela de 5 euro este de fapt 5 euro +TVA, adica 6,20 euro.
    Acest lucru deruteaza pe cei care vor sa plateasca un host de 5 euro +TVA, pentru ca legea obliga ca preturile sa fie afisate cu TVA adica 6,20 euro, dar cartela afiseaza pretul fara TVA, respectiv 5 euro.

    Pe site in articolele privind platile este informarea:

    Atentie : cartela prepay afiseaza in cont suma fara TVA!

    Inclusiv in tutorialul de mai sus, este aceasta informarea (vezi aliniat 3, dupa imaginile cu vodafone, orange, visa, mastercard...)

    Pentru detalii va recomandam:
  • ffaabbii112 2/21/14, 11:46 pm
    In prima data va Salut!
    In a - II - oara intreb de ce scrie la Ex ca un sev de 18 sloturi costa 4 euro?(cu tva?? sau ce?)
    Dar, cand dai comanda acolo arata ca 4,94 euro?
    • CORNEL 2/22/14, 12:45 am
      Toate preturile afisate la ofertele de comenzi contin TVA.

      Cartela prepay nu afiseaza corect cat euro credit avem, fapt care deruteaza pe multi atunci cand vor sa dea o comanda si sa plateasca un hosting sau orice de pe net.

      Firmele de hosting sunt obligate sa afiseze preturile inclusiv TVA, dar cand verifici ce credit ai pe cartela prepay constati ca ai mai putin, pentru ca nu este afisat si TVA-ul.
  • catyluis 11/12/13, 12:27 am
    como puedo pagar por sms desde uruguay
    • CORNEL 11/12/13, 1:39 am
      SMS El pago puede hacerse sólo desde Rumania
      Usted puede pagar con tarjeta de crédito
      Usted orientación en Inglés en este tutorial
      How do I pay by card - Order the new uses cookies to provide you with a pleasant experience. More details