How Choose a Web Host

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Payment by SMS - New order

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How Choose a Web Host
Choosing web hosting service (domain hosting) should be both depending on the immediate needs of the applications to be hosted and future ones planned.
A service of a web host company differentiates itself from other firm primarily through service quality, if you compromising quality for price when discontent will manifest in the shortest time. are among the companies that offer first quality and prices and packages have been adapted to the current needs of the users.

Administration interface made available by provide: Subdomain free Linux operating system, flood and DDOS Protection, Control Panel (cPanel) with advanced management domain (DNS configuration, email addresses, etc.. ), FTP access, free DNS automatically configured as, traffic statistics (Analog Stats, Awstats, Webalizer, Logaholic) Automatic installation of the most common platforms (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, phpBB, Prestashop, etc.. ) via Softaculous containing over 290 platforms (cms, forums, ecommerce, blogs, etc..) All services are hosted on dedicated servers in a data center specialist located in Bucharest (Romania), which is directly connected to the metropolitan network and power generators making sure online visibility and connectivity guaranteed 99%. The servers are monitored 24/7, using the latest technology and maximum security.

What is Domain Hosting?
Hosting domains (web) is to host an application (site index, site submission, forum, blog, online store).
This application can be found in the virtual environment of the Internet if you do not have an address, a domain name. Domain is the name you choose or have an address on the Internet.
This area should be bought from specialized firms.
For users who have the application domain offer free domain form.
We must not confuse domain hosting service with the.
To qualify for a hosting service must have domain.
Scope help a network address in the internet to be remembered more easily.
It is much easier to remember a word than a series of numbers
Users retain much easier:
 * Address field type:
* IP address type, numeric or dotted-decimal IP type ""

What is domain hosting service to choose?
Choosing a web host, you have to take into account:
- Storage space
- Monthly Traffic
- Number of Domains Hosted
- Number of Databases
- Number of Subdomains

A new application (site index, site submission, forum, blog, online store) at first does not require high levels, which allows us to choose a cheaper service and later as we need performance and numerical quantities higher education to get a job but with higher price-n. See How to change web host, domain hosting type

Payment can be made either by Bank Wire or CARD and SMS .
SMS payment or payment CARD and activation is quick and can be done at any time, including statutory holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays when banks are closed).

To see how the ordering via SMS or follow the card or by bank transfer order and payment examples category.

Each payment system has advantages and disadvantages.
1 - If you have a bank account or use a friend's bank account to pay, the amount transferred must pay the fee the bank where the transaction. Please note that we pay a commission for the amount transferred by you to the bank where we bank account. If at our price, add the bank fee you may find that the price difference between the means of payment (bank transfer, card or SMS) is very small (plus or minus)
2nd payment by sms must have a rechargeable card and a mobile phone number to send the SMS. The card payments you must have a bank account and a card that has the option for online payment.
3 Some phone cards get bonuses from mobile operators. Payment by bank transfer can be made at home if you have internet access to bank account (HomeBank) and does not require a rechargeable card and everything involving it, (loans from a rechargeable card is valid for a certain period, after which it becomes unusable )
4-to pay by card or bank transfer is received invoice to pay through SMS is received e-mail confirmation of the payment.
5 commissioned service is activated only after confirmation of payment. Order and pay by SMS or card can be made anytime the service was activated in the shortest time. Payment by bank transfer can be made only during office hours, except payment via internet (HomeBank).

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